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Artist's Description

German painter Tom F. Klein is meticulously observing the everyday, the environment, his fellow human beings. Viewing a reflection in a window, to note a short moment in time, perceive a glance, a detail on the face of a travel companion in the subway, those all are the sources of his work from which scattered pieces he gets his inspirations and from where his concepts develop.

Tom is obsessed with human beauty and he finds it in any ethnic group. Like an explorer, he is always looking for the irrational, fabulous, invisible and the romantic behind peoples appearances. He longs to reveal the balance between sobriety and overwhelming beauty by capturing emotions and moods that are difficult to put into words.

'When I look into my models face it becomes the world for me. Their beauty leave me breathless and I fall in love and want to give that sweet moment of romance to the rest of the world. So I paint what I see and feel and I let go and hope, that once the work is finished, the viewer will be surprised to see what he might have overlooked and surrenders and drifts away into another world.'

Tom's portraits are refreshingly different and arouse a new need for sensuality, sensitivity and the appreciation of beauty, ...also of the male beauty.

'It is very important for me to bring 'the man' as a body of art back into interest. The male beauty in arts give us an insight into what is special about masculinity, a vulnerable, sensual side is revealed to us. Lately a new kind of man, of male beauty has emerged, a strong man with a touch of femininity which makes 'the man' even more interesting. Without men art would be much poorer.'

Vivid contrasts and the fearless use of flashy colors, playing with different techniques and looks, as well as painting in 'black and white', but maintaining his 'handwriting', Tom's work pulls us under its spell. Painting pronounced shadows to display his models features and to deepen the mystery which is veiled behind the face. The effect is bold, but does not annihilate the subject.

Tom lived many years in Germany, Argentina, México and China and spent much time in the USA. In 2021 he moved to Wiesbaden/ Germany.

Some of his paintings now hang in private collections in Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Malaysia, México City, Bogotá, France, Ireland, Zürich, Hamburg and Berlin.

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Costs for shipment & insurance outside of Europe are not included in the purchase price, but I will be happy to get a quote for you before final payment/ order. Please get in touch for inquiries. Shipment with tracking.

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No return possible as this is an original painting.

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· 'The Asian male' · Blink Artist Group · Hamburg · November 2020 - January 2021

· 'Move Me' exhibited at '2019 International Modern Art Exhibition of 'Zhoupu Art Museum' Shanghai · October 2019

· 'Sing Me' · 2 solo exhibitions in Shanghai · August 2019

· 2019 · Collaboration with Cartier China

· 'The Legacy' · Art Installation Campaign against plastic by Henderson Land Group Hong Kong in Shanghai · May/ June 2019

· 'The sky is the limit' · Solo exhibition at 'La Galerie' in Shanghai · April/ May 2019

· 'Love me with your Chinese eyes' · Video Installation by Art Box Project at Armory Artweeks New York City 2018

· 'Peephole' · 'Galería 'Aguafuerte' · México City · June 2017

· 'The New York windows' · Galería 'Hazme el Milagrito' · México City · December 2016

· 'Joe - looking for love' · Galería 'Hazme el Milagrito' · México City · November 2016

· 'Two men in love' · Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Toluca · October/ November 2016

· 'Will you be my prince' · Galería 'Hazme el Milagrito' · México City · September/ October 2016

· Request for a donation of one of my paintings of my series 'Two men in love' of the museum 'MaReA' Bogotá/ Colombia for their permanent collection · August 2016

· 'Two men in love' · Galería 'Aguafuerte' · México City · July 2016

· 'Will you be my prince' · Galería 'Aguafuerte' · México City · February 2015

· '20$ rooms' · Galería 'Aguafuerte' · México City · November 2015