Ladder to heaven

Ladder to heaven



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The artist through her artwork has depicted various elements of life-like birds, flowers, and humans and their journey through the ladder to heaven. The forms of life and the use of lively, stimulating, and vibrant colors express the connect with the universal energy flow. The dominating hues of blue color represent love and divinity. The lady figure is the self depiction of the artist in the painting. She has used various material in her art which includes - Acrylic, Newspaper, pen and Gold Leaf.

The painting has been varnished to protect its surface from environmental factors such as dust and ultraviolet light.


Important Note:

- Every effort is made to photograph this painting and represent it as true to life. Images sometimes differ depending on monitor settings, it is advised to view any artwork on multiple devices.

- While cleaning the artwork avoid using any chemicals or water, just wipe with a clean microfibre towel.

- Artwork once sold will not be accepted under any return policy. (The artwork is one of its kind and it cannot be reproduced /replicated since it is hand made. Hence the return of artwork wouldn't be possible.)


Expressionism and Fantasy


45 cm X 35 cm X 0.5 cm

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Canvas Board


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Not Framed


Acrylic Painting with Gold Leaf

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Cardboard Box



- This item ships from India.

- Please note that this item is unframed and will be shipped in Flat.

- Delivery charges and Import duty will be charged if applicable.

- Artwork will come along with an authenticity letter signed by the artist.


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