In 1980-1986, George Firy studied in the studio of the famous artist Z. I. Olkhova. In 2019 Firy decided to create her own artistic style. It was a mixture of surrealism and philosophy. George Firy is a writer, storyteller and artist.
- George Firy [Moscow, Russia]

I was born in 1958 in Pereira Barreto, Brazil, I live and work in Germany since 1982. During the period 1975-1978, I worked intensively on the experimental painting of the Japanese artist Manabu Mabe and worked with him in his studio. Furthermore, in the period from 2003 to 2009, I also intensified my acrylic and oil painting by attending various courses and courses, among others with Jörg Immendorf and Professor Markus Lüpertz. In 2005 I started painting and graphics training at the Institute of Fine Arts and Art Therapy, which I graduated in November 2010 with a diploma. 
- Sayomi Urlichs [Dortmund, Germany / Pereira Barreto, Brazil]

Fee Gunkel is a young artist from Germany. All her acrylic artworks are unique. Nothing is planned or scripted upfront. When she paints she relays on intuition and fully commits to the journey of developing a painting. She understands her art as a mirror for every viewer. Everyone finds its own interpretation, and may be captured its imagination. Insense colours and structures form depth and multidimensionality with soft gradients as well as rough edges. Mainly she works with traditional brushes, palette knifes, intense acrylic colours, structure paste and foil on high quality canvases. 
- Fee Gunkel [Munich, Germany]

Yulia is a passionate abstract painter. She paints intuitively, exploring and expressing her feelings and ideas through a combination of different materials and techniques. Yulia’s paintings are made with professional acrylic paints as well as other mediums like oils and inks. Her works are found in private collections around the world.
- Yulia Ani [Berlin, Germany]

Ivona is a self-thought artist aiming to create a familiar connection between her paintings and the person watching. Emotions in the painting can reflect anxiety as well as beauty. Searching for a symbiosis between colours and lines, her expressionist style reflects a comically overdrawn technique that resembles a caricature, still is not. Inspired by Egon Schiele, her technique evolved in terms of colours and lines. Her works challenge emotions, search to create intimacy, and question beauty and gender standards. "I hope that people can find beauty in moments of despair, in sadness and everything that does not correspond to our normative image of beauty and joy"
- Ivona Glibusic [Vienna, Austria]

I'm a modern artist based in Bahrain, who began his journey on canvas at the tender age of 10, enchanted by European street art on a family holiday. On his artistic voyage, he was greatly influenced by the likes of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, reinterpreting popular imagery through his own lens and yet retaining the true essence of the subject. His current work showcases various techniques and mediums including but not limited to spray paints, acrylic, and oil sticks. 
- Mahmood [Bahrain]

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