I started painting 2 years ago, I used to draw when I was little until at 24 I decided to adventure myself into watercolor a technique that used to "scare" me but I thought it was a good challenge and I fell in love with it. I also paint in Oil, pastel, and coal. I'd like to be a professional artist but I also study law.

- Marianne Musset Paredes [Temuco, Chile]

As an artist, my aim is to trigger for events that would otherwise have no existence, what is as much as possible informed by science, rather than merely inspired by it. To generate more articulated access to social truth, however eccentric, extreme, or irrational this might be. I focus to depicture a utopian fantasy, which gears towards the co-creation of a more tolerable experience of every day, an escape through festivity and with some anchors in art tradition.
- Eléna Nemkova [Milan, Italy / St. Petersburg, Russia]

I was born in 1979 in Hamburg, Germany, and have lived for several years in Brazil, South Africa, and France. I mostly do collages. Collaging means to me to digest reality, to separate things, or bring them back together. I use collage techniques to reduce complexity, to unite contradictions.

- Jerome Cholet [Frankfurt, Germany]

 I have attended many advanced art courses with great artists and have found two painting styles for me in which I can realize myself. I really enjoy working with structure and use all kinds of different materials, such as clay, marble flour, sand, paper and metal. I apply and remove colors in many places to give my paintings depth and atmosphere. I am currently working on a series using pouring technology which I am also very enthusiastic about.
- Nicole Diener [Westerheim, Germany]

Based in Austria, Cornelia is a chemist and self-taught artist, with a background in the pharmaceutical industry, and dedicating all the time possible to her passion for art. Cornelia began her artistic journey in 2001, the year her son was also born. Her work is abstract, observing a strong presence of her energy. She plays with textures and materials that, combined with her spatula and fingers, achieve a vibrant balance between chaos and control.
- Cornelia Stadler [Wels, Austria]

Eddy Ochieng is a Hyperrealism Artist living and working in Nairobi, Kenya. He was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1993 and his first introduction to art was in high school where he decided to follow his passion and study art. Today he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Kenyatta University in Kenya. Eddy's work captures the world as it is; bringing out the diversity that exists in all of us. His portraits, with their intricate detail, tell stories and expose the emotions, experiences, and character of his subject.
- Eddy Ochieng [Nairobi, Kenya]

I always used to paint, do any kind of creative handcrafting, and expressing myself through art. Painting really allows me to get into the state of flow and I am truly passionate about it. I am absolutely grateful for the fact that people enjoy my art and I love the idea, that my pieces make a home feel like a home. I try to express myself, my feelings, my passion, and everything happening in my life through my paintings. Doing that I love experimenting with new techniques, new materials, and grounds.
- Pia Schwabe [Hamburg, Germany]

My paintings are created through intuitive responses while engaged with the work. The process is completely organic and spontaneous. Sometimes the inspiration comes from a song, a movie or a poem I have written. What emerges on the canvas is an internal language that is highly emotional and personal, yet at the same time universal. It speaks of places unseen, but at the same time comforting and familiar...like memories of a place we feel we have been before, but can't quite recall all the details of the experience.
- Mathilda Segerstad [Gothemburg, Sweden]

Ralitsa Georgieva is a self-taught artist originally from Bulgaria. She has moved to London in 2015 where she is currently based. The main subjects of Ralitsa’s works are female portraits, landscapes and abstracts. Her artworks are born from the true love of nature, humans and the inseparable union between them. They are emotional answers to the desire of showing love of life. She mostly works with acrylic and oil on canvas.
- Ralitsa [London, United Kingdom]

MrKas was born in Porto (Portugal) in 1980. His passion for art began at a young age with his father, also a painter, who had a big influence on him throughout his childhood. MrKas started painting graffiti in the streets of Porto in 1999. Since those early street days his work can be seen in murals, canvas, and exhibitions all around the world. Visually he likes the idea of deconstruct an image and turn it into something unique, creating 3D effects, abstract patterns or anamorphic shapes all in a photorealistic technique.
- MrKas [Porto, Portugal]

Born in Tuscany, raised between Eschenlohe - Germany and Porto Ercole- Italy. His artistic research is mainly influenced by Abstract Expressionism and Italian Informalism. In Fedrico Pinto Schmid's abstract paintings, clearly demarcated forms merge into colorful, energetic overall compositions. Using different techniques, intuitively, the artist creates color fields and mix forms, in perfect harmony with the contest. His artworks can be found in private collections all over the world
- Federico [Tuscany, Italy]

I am a Nigerian multidisciplinary artist who delves into string art. When I pick up my board, nails, hammer, and threads to string, I understand that ideas, emotions, feelings and concepts formed from diverse experiences will engage lots of minds trying to make meaning out of life. I use string to connect lines across time and space. My work is an act of questioning. Through photography, serigraphy, light, sound, nails, and threads (string), I delve into contemporary issues, focusing on giving voice to those who are often unheard, mostly women and children.
- Zennia [Lagos, Nigeria]

"I paint the beauty that takes my breath away. I burn from within, giving the delight of your eyes." Russian-born artist based in Poland. Slave to realism and beauty. "When I'm painting, I feel something special, like weightlessness or a sweet dream. I treat my soul with sun glare, bright faces, shadows, and bends... Learning to love myself by painting the breathtaking beauty of others."
- Julia Ustinovich [Wroclaw, Poland]

My name is Teresa Gómez, I’m a Spanish ophthalmologist and artist. Everything could be an excuse to take my brush, but nothing catches my attention as a human look does. I usually prefer soft pastels, watercolors, and most of all oils.

- Teresa Gómez [Spain]

I am Stefan, Artist from Berlin, Germany. I draw with Black Carbon on Paper and Digital. You can find more about me and my Art on Instagram and TikTok under Name Old Blind Dog Art.

- Stefan Cavar [Berlin, Germany]

Branislav Puletic was born on 9 September 1952 in Bor, a town east of Serbia. Bachelor's degree in geography obtained at the University of Belgrade. He began painting during childhood. However, since 1985 the search for his own artistic identity has started. He attended the private art school of Professor Jaroslav Kandic. He lives and works in Becej, Serbia.
- Branislav Puletic [Becej, Serbia]

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