"Beauty is my Religion, the Future is my home, and my works belong to the world of surreal. "
Traditional art (oil paintings and drawings) - surrealism, symbolism, a bit of gothic flair.
Demetria [Kyiv, Ukraine]

My painting is modern, current, but with strong roots in all the great classics of the avant-gardes of the twentieth century. My art is not closed to any trend and sometimes naturally oscillates between figuration and abstraction. I wish to make poetry with the images and, therefore, that the meaning of each piece is multiple and inexhaustible. I usually improvise when I paint, there is no initial plan, the work, its mysteries, even the techniques to be used are revealed throughout the creative process.

Robert [Tarragona, Spain]

The art of GARRIT radiates energy, creative vitality, imagination. He draws these qualities from persistent research and experimentation.

GARRIT's art can be described as Pop Art.

Garrit [Santanyí, Mallorca, Spain]

I am Maja, ICA - International Certified Artist, self-educated painter, born 1968 in Skopje, Macedonia, living in the Netherlands since 2008 with my son, Boban. I would never be completely satisfied like I feel, without my son's and my family’s love and support in everything I do. Painting is one of the jobs that makes me feel happy and relaxed, fulfilling my soul. I paint from very young age, but I have never been educated professionally in this field. My profession is a Manager of tourism, but I am most of my life in the Art, as a self-educated artist and painter.

Maja [Utrecht, Netherlands]

Maxl is a renowned international award-winning photographer. Born in Vienna, Austria, Maxl grew up in Rio, Paris, Zurich and New York and currently resides in London. She has been in the TV and photography world for over 15 years and specializes in portraits, interior and landscapes, which are often made into beautiful coffee table books. Her aesthetic and creative eye captures the most unique close-ups or breathtaking sceneries.

Maxl [London, United Kingdom]

My name is Janina Bolenius. I`m a german artist. All of my pictures are unique. In my pictures i let my feelings and emotions guide me. Nothing is planned. I love to paint without a plan and to see where the journey is going. Every time i am fascinated how the pictures finally turned out.

- Janina [Detmold, Germany]

Creating art means, to check in with my heart where I can connect with something greater than myself. It’s this vivid and magical place from which I create. Guided by my intuition. Inspired by life itself. To communicate what goes beyond words through colors and shapes. That’s my passion, resulting in a sincere love for abstraction..
 - Hannie [Belgium]

I am a mixture of european blood, islamic faith and love for simplicity of japanese aesthetics. I create with intention of contributing to peace in your home, your thoughts and your inner self. I paint using traditional techniques of sumi-e (japanese ink painting), also paint watercolour and oil. Some watercolours are architectural or floral, however oil and ink paintings are very much abstract and calligraphic, based on the idea that the empty space is as important as the object.
- Jurga [London, United Kingdom]

I’m constantly experimenting with colors and symbols to create a sense of adventure and beauty in the mundane everyday life. I like to think of myself as a medieval surgeon with acrylics, or a pirate even, hoisting the canvas as a flag of spiritual badassery, to sail through life with confidence and fulfillment. I use acrylic paints, markers and sprays on canvas as main medium for my works.
- Taniel [Tallinn, Estonia]

“I am an artist who works with a “problem” as a major theme. Through art, I want to repair the broken details of life. Now I am focusing not on criticism of society, but on sympathy. In my art, I want to talk about really important things happening in this world“.

- Maltseva [Izhevsk, Russia]

Laporta is a painter born in Barcelona in 1974. Currently is based in Berlin. His work explores the notion of the human being. Through his portraits or through his figures, Laporta treats the subject of the human being, working from the realism to evocative decompositions and representations.

- Laporta [Berlin, Germany & Barcelona, Spain]

Pauline is a Parisian artist who is mixing paint, photography and collage. Her Art is inspired by major ecological challenges that humanity must face and by inspiring people. She mixes reality with absurd using the beauty of colors and textures
- Pauline [Paris, France]

Icelandic artist and designer living in Oslo. I make colourful acrylic paintings of people, animals and feelings. I love the challenge of using all the colours in the box and making it work. With each painting I wish to create a little world or a little feeling that is familiar yet a bit alien.

- Delisa [Oslo, Norway]

Artworks are feelings. Feelings of life with all its facets. Life is a circle, bud, blossom, hibernation. Being and passing away. As a specialist nurse of anesthesia and intensive care I experience these facets every day in the widest range life can offer. My artworks are snapshots of my feelings and help me to accomplish experiences. Sometimes fireworks of color, sometimes whispering. If I manage to transport those feelings, to touch the viewer's heart, another aim is accomplished. What artwork can spark before the analysis is the quintessence of art to me. Touching of two souls-the creator and the viewer.
-Astrid [Germany]

"I am an artist and art is a major part of my life. I focus on creating paintings and embroidery"

- Irit [Tel Aviv, Israel]

Anastasia was born on 22 August 1997 in Ukraine.
Since 2016, she lives in Vienna and studies at the Music and Art University of Vienna as an opera singer. Since 2014, the self-taught artist paints 2-3 paintings a month to order, also large-scale works inside and outside the buildings, collaborates with furniture and antique stores, makes exhibitions.
- Anastasiia [Vienna, Austria]

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