Do you still remember the moment, where you knew you wanted to pursue photography?

Yes I do! I was offered a camera by my mother and I started taking photographs and people started saying they really liked them. I discovered some old photos I took in Paris when I was 12 and they were good, in terms of composition they weren’t the normal tourist vision and eye, so my mother and girlfriend at the time said I should do an exhibition. I did and sold every single photo and with the money I bought my first semi professional film camera and enrolled in the Portuguese Institute of Photography in the year of 2006 and this is how it all started.

What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

Being able to express myself and show what is in my mind, as well as expressing my feelings, worries, concerns and thoughts.

Do you have any photography idols or iconic mentors you find fascinating?

Most of my idols in photography are part of the agency Magnum Photos: Cartier Bresson, Robert Capa, Koudelka, Paolo Pellegrin, Alex Majoli, Philipe Halsman & Trent Parke.

Do you always know what shot/photo you are looking for when shooting?

Depends on the type and genre of photography I am doing. When I am doing personal work or photoshoots, then yes, I always have the images already done and set in my head before picking up the camera. When it’s reportage or street photography I want and need to be surprised. I am seeking something to catch my eye. 

What can you recommend to all emerging and beginning photographers for their future?

To work hard and most of all be ready to hear "NO” a lot.  It’s difficult and perseverance is key. Create your own view, look, feel, language and be unique and original. So that when someone views your work they know that the work is yours without even reading your name.

What brought you to experiment with photography?

I use a very old technique that has exposure in black and white film. It's a layered image that gives a more surreal look but I do it on the act of shooting, not in post production. Depending on my state of mind, I do some mixed media next to photography as I don’t want to be trapped in just one style or medium.

What story are you aiming to tell with your photography?

My own story, my deepest emotions and feelings, my take and view of the world and if possible to make the viewers engaged and relate to my course of life.

How do you deal with a creativity barricade?

If and when there’s creativity there’s no barricade, even when we were dealing with a world pandemic I tried and finished many projects, creativity is by definition a way to take down walls and barricades.

Are there any other photography styles you want to experience in the future?

Who knows, I started as a photojournalist that wanted to be a war photographer and now I am represented by a London agency and several galleries worldwide, so, who knows, the sky's the limit.