Lockdown Creature 5

Lockdown Creature 5


Marek Dutka

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In my paintings, I reflect on the nature of reality as perceived through the filter of omnipresent displays and screens in our lives. TVs, cameras, smartphones, all aid and blur our vision at the same time. They do so by revealing otherwise unnoticed detail, or by screening out the context of observed objects. We are almost constantly exposed to representations of reality, the pixelated "reality" which substitutes the immediate reality of the here and now. The depth is only skin-deep if we start to think of it in terms of patterns of colours used to cheat our eyes and brains into thinking that we have captured the full picture of reality. Nowadays we can see many instances of technology progressing towards art. In my work, I try to capture the interplay between art and technology from the position of traditional painting rather than from the position of technology. I see it as a mirror of traditional technique turned against the mirror of the technology itself reflecting traditional technique in the first place. My paintings use only the Red Green Blue colour spectrum which in fact forms the base of all computerized images of reality.

Important Note: No return possible as this is an original. 


Abstract, Modern


 50cm X 60cm



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 Flat Packed in a Box

14-21 Days


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