Coast 2
Coast 2
Coast 2
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Coast 2



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When I studied abroad in Scotland, I made a road trip with a friend of mine and we camped next to the coast. Having breakfast we could watch waves breaking at the coastline and it was just beautiful! So every now and then I like to watch nature documentaries and especially some from Scotland. When I first painted the piece called Coast I watched one of them and remembered my road trip. I think this is why I used the colors I used and why it turned out like that. Because there were so many people who told me they loved it, I made two more of that kind, Coast 2 and Coast3. They actually go together very well, as you can turn them so they make a sort of a frame for the endless white in the middle. It is made with acrylics and a thin layer of epoxy resin to protect the painting from UV light and dirt. It is on purpose not perfectly mirror-like, so it supports the idea of waves breaking on the shores.

Important Note: No return possible as this is an original. 


Abstract, Pouring


50 cm X 40 cm


Acrylics, Epoxy/Resin

Supporting Base


Frame mode

Unframed Canvas on wood


Free Hand, Mixed Methods

Packaging for Shipping

Cardboard & Bubble Wrap


14 - 20 days


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