Her main feature is abstract art. She uses the traditional stretched canvas, glass, acrylic, aluminum, recycled material, oil and acrylic paint, collage, gesso, plaster and other natural elements. Her inspiration comes from her own emotions, travels, museums, nature and reflection about current issues and personal life..

- Priscila Schott [Miami, USA]

Alena reflects on death, not the physical one, but a social absence in the context of detachment, immersion in oneself, and falling out of casual life. Central to the artist’s work are themes of remembrance and oblivion, traces of the past, and addressing anxiety. Artist explores the relationship between waking life and memories, the mysticism of dreams, and self-discovery among this. Intentional incompleteness and surrealistic details give the mixed feeling of longing and loneliness, showing the advantage of the emotional component over the narrative.
Alena Grishko [Moscow, Russia]

I started my “art affair” in college by collecting turn-of-the-century paintings. I became more and more interested in modern painting. Knowing different artists and seeing them in their studio and in their expositions, soon put me on ”creative mod” and so I start to paint. I am interested in color and innovative ways to put color in value while maintaining the figurative shape of things. I generally use oil paint, with great care on the texture, using anything but the brush.
- George Sabin [Sibiu, Romania]

Gerd Victoria is a Norwegian abstract and visual artist. She has worked with her own clothing designs and sold them in her own stores in Norway. She has painted for many years and went from figurative to abstract and expressionistic art 5 years ago. She has several art schools and several art Exhibitions in Norway.
I’m painting with acrylic on canvas and alcohol ink on Nara paper and Giclée print.

- Gerd Victoria [Norway]

Hello, my name is Evgeny Chivikov. I live and work in Russia. From early childhood, I have always shown the ability to be creative: drawing, modeling, wood carving. Working in other specialties, drawing has always taken up most of my free time. He has taken a great interest in painting for the last two years.
When I paint my paintings, I seem to be connecting to something new. I enter the stream. I think this freedom in creativity will reveal the artist's potential to the fullest.
- Evgeny Chivikov [Ramenskoye, Russia]

Anel is a Kazakh artist living in Florence, Italy. She graduated from the Kazakh Academy of Arts in Almaty, Kazakhstan with a degree in Easel Painting. Since 2018, she lives in Florence and studying at the Florence University of the Arts with a degree in Fine Arts. Her work combines the colors of impressionism and the contrast between light and shadow.
Anel's paintings focus on the representation of reflected light.
- Anel Tulegenova [Florence, Italy]

Daniel Wille is an artist based in Austria whose paintings have been exhibited in the United States, Israel, and Italy. In addition, his art has been featured in publications such as Art Signature Journal and the New York Gallery Guide. Through the subconscious and intuitiveness, as well as classical techniques, he endeavors for viewers to feel the presence of his compositions as if they were alive. His distinctive works are created using acrylics and oils on cardboard, paper, or canvas.
- Daniel Wille [Vienna, Austria]

Rob had been retired from a social work career for a few years, but it took a pandemic to kick start his bubbling creative juices. Since early 2020 he has been painting with an energy and enthusiasm that continues to delight and surprise him. He now dreams in abstract shapes and colors! His work is very energetic, intuitive, and focused. Rob is never quite sure where the journey will take him. He loves bold, vivid colors and rich texture; (his paintings invite you to touch them). Every painting is an adventure, exciting, fluid and anchored in the Now. Rob loves it when people enjoy his work and hope his paintings bring joy and connection to those who view them.
- Rob Sutton [Perth, WA Australia]

I am a neo surrealist artist who creates original art pieces. My main focus is to bend the portrait in my own manner using different organic elements and shapes inspired by nature and life, creating a unique approach to the subject. Most of the time I am creating a series of 3 or more art pieces based on what I am inspired by and what I feel to create in that time frame of my life. In this way having a couple of similar artworks I can give the viewer a bigger picture of my style and what I want to express through the medium of the painting showing my different vision to the world.
- Vlad-Paul Niculescu [Piatra-Neamt, Romania]

Takeshi Yokoshima was born in Hirosaki, Japan. Takeshi abandons his own intentions and intentions in his production. The reason is that he wants a "soul-stirring, unknown experience" in search of a place no one has ever set foot in.

- Takeshi Yokoshima [Tokorozawa City, Japan]

I am a French Artist based in Rouen.
My paintings are all driven by a desire to express the emotions of the soul and human relationships, but also the human living in modern society, how do we feel? What impact does all this have on us, and how? And how do we react?

- Axel Van Zyl [Rouen, France]

My desire to portray colour and texture is evident in all my work, whether it is in a portrait, landscape or abstract it is just as important to me as the form. I know when I have truly finished a painting when I feel I have exhausted the emotional journey and it has come to a natural end. It is a true relationship.

 - Gill Welland [Gibraltar, Spain]

Hernán Benedetti (AcHe), born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, graduated as a scientist with a pharmacist degree, enters the art world where he rapidly finds a way to escape from the daily structured and ruled world of science. Over time, the artist leaves the brush as his main painting element and chooses to work with different objects, spatula, sponge, and even using his fingers, letting the stroke and the gesture release.

- Hernán Benedetti [Buenos Aires, Argentina]

I got a strong interest in art, so in my paintings, I'm focused to identify and capture beauty and emotion from everything that surrounds us. I studied economics and my professional activity is related to finance and economic business, but in painting, nothing is planned as in my professional life. In painting, everything is transformed and time has another dimension for me.
- Georgiana Neagu [Bucharest, Romania]

I am a Belgian figurative and abstract painter living in Antwerp. At the Academy of Fine Arts in Lier, I studied painting. Art was always around me as a child since my mother was an artist as well. My passion, emotion, and eye for beauty make my work interesting, raw, melancholic, mysterious, touching the soul.

- Els Thijs [Lier, Antwerp, Belgium]

"In my artistic research, I explore the occult links among forms, colours and metaphysical meanings. In my works, the shapes often refer to trees, plants, and volatile animals. Always in transformation, my figures constitute metamorphoses that originate from unconscious forces and from a wise calculation at the same time. The colours that I use in my palette are deliberately limited: their purpose is to refer to the original purity of the Four Elements. I usually privilege vertical structures, suitable to symbolize the deep union between the physical and the spiritual world. The symbolic universe from which my works are born in mainly based on the Jewish and Christian imagery."
- Marco Raddino [Lucerne, Switzerland]

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