Croatian artist Dado Mikulic (born 1964) realized his talent and love for painting early in his childhood sharing the same passion and gift with his twin brother. He experimented a lot with different techniques to develop his own art style. Dado's work is primarily influenced by Abstract Expressionism, Geometric Abstract Art as well as Contemporary Art. He also likes Impressionism and Post-Impressionism which also made an influence on some of his works.
 - Dado [Split, Croatia]  

Making art is a way of giving vent to emotions, and a way to feel free and independent. I mostly make abstractions, because it gives me the opportunity to show true me through my painting - I paint my emotions, my thoughts, my interpretation of the world, what's more, I make female acts because I think that every woman is beautiful and unique. Studying Psychology gives me the opportunity to learn more about people and their feelings, I try to understand them and not judge them, in the end, we are only humans!
- Paulina Robotycka [Gdańsk, Poland]

I am a Brazilian artist living in The Netherlands. I am constantly looking for the best combinations of colors to match every single portrait. I want to show my audience that all emotions and people can be beautiful and give energy as long as they are put in the right (tone) context.

- Zeca [Eindhoven, The Netherlands]

Born on a train in 1978 in former Czechoslovakia, currently living and working in London. In my paintings, I reflect on the nature of reality as perceived through the filter of omnipresent displays and screens in our lives. TVs, cameras, smartphones, all aid and blur our vision at the same time. They do so by revealing otherwise unnoticed detail, or by screening out the context of observed objects. His paintings are in numerous private collections around the world, including the private collection of Queen Elizabeth II.
- Marek Dutka [London, United Kingdom]

I am Michał Wróbel - I live in Poland and while I am painting I focus mostly on portrait and abstraction. In paintings, I appreciate the simplicity and purity of form. From early childhood, I create numerous drawings, graphics, and watercolors.

- Michal Wróbel [Gdańsk, Poland]

I use simplified forms, intense colours and strong contrasts in my artworks. Despite the strong contrasts of form, shape and colour my paintings form a harmonious whole. The positive energy that emanates from my art is a reflection of the beauty of the subjects that inspire me to paint. 
- Beate [Kempen, Germany]

Omen is an artist with roots in street art and graffiti. His pictures are shaped by these, and painting a kind of therapy or meditation for him.

- Omen [Bochum, Germany]

Emma Tumanyan was born in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. She started painting when she was 8 years old. She graduated from the Kojoyan Art School. In 2015 and In 2017, the House of Artists of Armenia hosted her personal exhibitions of paintings, which were covered by famous Armenian artists and the Armenian media. She have participated in various international online exhibitions and received awards and certificates.
- Emma [Yerevan, Armenia]

Anton is a self-taught artist residing in Slovenia. He has more than 30 years of artistic practice. Anton uses original and unique abstract techniques to create acrylic & oil paintings on canvas.

"Let's enjoy the times of our lives, art is a major part of it whether we are aware of it or not."

- Anton Rakun [Rečica ob Savinji, Slovenia]

The English artist Oliver Perry proposes a language composed of outbursts of extreme creativity which permit him to produce works of intense figurative richness in which lyrical-narrative components come to completion in the explanatory attention which the artist applies to the titles of the pieces. Even though his inspiration is derived from an objective and phenomenal reality, he does not privilege this exclusively, rendering visual elements with the expression and perception of something mysterious and magical that appeals even to the most sensitive soul.
- Oliver Perry [London, United Kingdom]

Oana Diana Gavrila, a London-based artist, discovered painting in her mid-30’s and, without any formal training, managed to find her own inimitable style by creating unique figurative art. Oana is predominately a figurative and portrait artist who incorporates strong graphic elements in her work. Her expressive mixed media works combine acrylics, ink, paint markers and paper all applied in an equally diverse manner using brushes, fingers, paint rollers and paper to create expressive and striking imagery.
- Oana Gavrila [London, United Kingdom]

I have been painting for 5 years, over the years I was able to completely immerse myself in this wonderful world. Many of my artworks are saturated not only with colors but also with expression and drama. I participate in many exhibitions and competitions, have a catalog, and press articles about me. My works are in private collections around the world. I am a versatile artist, but I prefer to paint abstraction and abstract modern portraits
- Julia Tokar [Vienna, Austria]

My name is Rebecka Lingmerth from Stockholm, Sweden. I am an artist and designer. I have had exhibitions in many places around Sweden and in November 2021 I will exhibit my art at Art Expo New York, one of the world´s largest fairs for modern art.

- Rebecka [Stockholm, Sweden]

As a young person, I needed and had to put out there so many things that were stuck inside me, and very quickly, I realized that I had a different way of seeing the world. I started noticing that even if there were many people looking at the same thing as me, they weren’t seeing what I was seeing. 
- Ricardo Reis [Lisbon, Portugal]

I started to be interested in drawing as a child. The comics of Polish and foreign authors (eg Grzegorz Rosiński, Janusz Christa, Albert Uderzo, Phillippe Delaby) and animated films, from which I constantly copied characters, exerted the greatest influence on me. Later I expanded my interests to painting, especially to the directions referred to as realism and hyperrealism. The technique I use in my works is to combine acrylic and watercolor painting.
- Łukasz Stopczyński [Trzemeszno, Poland]

Rezi Gomelauri has started his paintings from childhood when he was 15 years old. Having no background education in art and being self-taught, his art demonstrates the high quality of skill, unique vision, and definitely a lot of styles. He has presented seven personal and joint contemporary art exhibitions with famous artists for the Cyprus public. He is the winner of an international art competition from 40 leading painters who presented his art at intercollege Larnaca. His paintings are owned by legendary artists like Ennio Morricone and George Clinton aka Parliament-Funkadelic.
- Revaz Gomelauri [Tbilisi, Geogria]

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