Germany based abstract artist Milana expresses her imaginations of feelings and emotions on canvases with mixed media. She found her passion for art in her early ages, so that she was able to gain experience relatively early on. Now Milana uses her passion to create unforgettable unique artwork.

-Milana [Paderborn, Germany]

Once asked by an interior designer "what is your style?" He replied “I am a hooker with a brush“. Willing to work with people to give them what they want and in doing so discover new styles and ways of painting.
From origami t shirts hanging in the presidential salon the Buenos Aires stock exchange to murals downtown Buenos aires and recently his interior water colours he will try anything.

- Benjamin [Buenos Aires, Argentina]

In her work, Mina chases her fast-moving inner images, that show themselves as ever-moving landscapes, filled with dancing lights and wondrous colours. Her work spans from a wide range of detailed drawn nature studies, painterly emerging figuration and nature sceneries, over to sheer abstract landscapes, that form itself out of colour-, light- and shadowplay on canvas, painted with oil colour and raw pigment.
- Mina [Copenhagen, Denmark]

I create whatever sparks my curiosity, admiration, and anxiety without speaking a word. I use high-quality materials. Cotton paper and 100% linen canvas from Italy. Studio quality acryl from Amsterdam or Galeria, oils from Van Gough or Rembrandt. I also paint portraits by request. I use my own style with close-ups, expressive style. I like to capture moments of thought.
-Anita [Fåberg, Lillehammer, Norway]

Welcome! My name is Ram and I am an Indian abstract painter and inspired by many artists and I would love to inspire you with my colorful Abstracts. I work with digital art software like PSD or AI. I am using art brushes and print on a 390gsm canvas mirror edge.

- Ram [Kovvur, Andhra Pradesh, India]

I studied languages and lived in several counties, but my passion has always been art. I paint and create from my deepest inner self, detached from rules and regulations. It's my hobby, my passion. Bevor I found my style today, I mainly dedicated myself to precise black and white drawings. If you look at my work, you quickly realize that I mainly paint faces and that's what I enjoy most. My paintings are a mixture of precision and abstraction. The focus here is more on the colors and puts the motif in the background a little. I want to make the world a little more colorful and help shape it.
- Emilia [Germany]

I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. I'm a printmaker, illustrator, and drawing and painting teacher. I took part in exhibitions in Poland, France, Iceland, and Hungary. My art includes linocuts, woodcuts, monotypes, installations, and paintings.

- Magdalena [Kraków, Poland]

Birdfox is an Indigenous Australian artist, born and raised in Yuin country with Wiradjurii family roots, he currently resides on Darkinjung Land (Central Coast of NSW, Australia). Birdfox has a scientific background and uses his art as a tool to explore and encompass metaphysical questions about existence and reality whilst providing himself clarity in his own thoughts. Birdfox started creating art during isolation, the dutiful task of creating a dot painting is a vehicle connecting him to his culture and ancestors, bringing him solace.
- Birdfox [Darkinjung Land, Central Coast, Australia]

Nissan is a pop-art digital artist who employs his selection of 2D and 3D software programs as his brushes, his palettes of paints as well as his cameras. His works are characterized by dazzling colors and razor-sharp details and usually illustrate uncanny compositions, depicting inconceivable yet fantastic realities.

- Nissan [Givataiym, Isreal]

Doing art is very enriching for me, I put a lot of emotions and expression in my artworks.
I used to work a lot with aquarelle and sometimes I still do, but at the moment I am focusing on lino prints. I particularly do women in diverse situations, perspectives, and arrangements. My print color is always black, but if someone wants another color I can organize it and print it in other colors.
- Anne-Sophie [Zurich, Switzerland]

Brazilian artist Katia Santos is currently based in Worms; Germany and has shown across Europe and Brazil. Often working with luminous and harmonic colors, Katia’s paintings focus on expressionism and shifting perceptions of emotions feelings, and human reactions.

- Katia [Brazil & Worms, Germany]

I am an Armenian artist living in Slovakia. I graduated from two art universities. I draw the world around me and reflect it from the prism of my vision. I believe that what is created by nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

- Suren [Bratislava, Slovakia]

I started my adventure with painting and drawing since I was a little girl.
Simply, the magic of Art had me hooked from a young age! I used to watch people and transfer their beauty onto the canvas. The beauty of people, mostly women, always has been my biggest inspiration. I believe natural beauty is the most precious thing we have and we should strongly emphasize it. I am a self-taught painter who creates abstract art mixed with other styles. This makes my paintings unique and allows me to create my own style of painting.
- Aneta [Poland & Ireland]

Hello, my name is Simona and I am a 24 years old female emerging artist from Romania. I started painting from a very young age and I was lucky enough to have the full support of my parents in pursuing a career in arts.  I am currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Arts and Design from Cluj-Napoca and my art project is slowly and steadily developing, alongside my painting practice. I would like to paint in a bigger studio and engage in so many exhibitions and different projects, starting from the local art community, here in Cluj-Napoca. .
- Simona [Cluj-Napoca, Romania] 

Miri Baruch is a passionate abstract and figurative art painter, a professional artist since 2016. Miri was born in Argentina in 1964 and moved to Israel when she was 15 years old. Miri kept connected to her artistic side by taking drawing classes and oil realistic painting workshops. Inspiration comes to her from everyday activities, like observation in the street, a scene from television, a dream, a memory, etc. Miri blends abstract elements to the figurative paintings to add excitement and unexpected outcomes to the realistic creations.
-Miri [Rehovot, Israel]

I am 24 years old. From Tbilisi, Georgia. I have beyond belief the ability to perceive the mind of humans and depict them in my own vision on canvas

- Iveri Gortamashvili [Tbilisi, Georgia]

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