From March 2019 to October 2020 I spent a lot of time painting, drawing, and thinking. I had two solo exhibitions at a gallery in Vienna: “I won't listen” (Sept. 2019) and "Embrace the Black Liquid" (Oct. 2020). Since October 2020, I have been studying at the Art School Vienna. I don't see art as a hobby or work, for me, it's a lifestyle. Each of my works exudes a rather gloomy mood. I mainly treat the themes; violence, drugs, depression, war, death, capitalism, and fiction. However, my own psyche plays the main role in my works. I want to trigger a shock and be thought-provoking. So it is safe to say that I am not a flower meadow painter.
- M.A.M. [Vienna, Austria]

Influenced by his teaching assignment, the drawing became more and more important in his painting, behind every colored area a line emerges. The graphics correspond to the painting through a very transparent application of paint. With such gripping graphic lines, Hohenberger manifests people on paper and canvas who float in the infinite space of color. The viewer's gaze is lost in the levels of what has already disappeared and clings to what is powerfully defined. The figure, immersed in the whole form, is sensed through a veil.
- Udo Hohenberger [Vienna, Austria]

With his pictures, Guido Katol (born 1962) takes up a fundamentally human need: telling a story. With idiosyncratic, lively brushstrokes and rich colors, Katol knits stories that stretch beyond the canvas to be spun on with the help of the viewer's imagination. The plot changes involuntarily in the course of the creation process. In the beginning, there is always an inspiration, an impulse in the form of a picture. It doesn't matter whether it's an advertisement or a photo from a magazine. Katol transfers the seemingly every day in a different constellation onto the canvas, entangles it in a story, and gives it a new name.
- Katol [Vienna, Austria]

My work is unique in the way I combine texture and washes. I apply multiple layers of colored gel mediums, mixed with textural elements, each partially revealed to create a 3D effect. I use texture to blur the line between painting and sculpture, inviting the viewer to touch them and evoke an emotional response inspiring self-discovery, meditation, and mindfulness.

- Monica [Lions Bay, British Columbia, Canada]

I am an Architect who loves to draw from young years using graphic, oil, and mostly watercolor.

- Suren [Yerevan, Armenia]

I am an artist for whom painting is a vocation. For me, making paintings is a way to stop time. My main desire is to bring something new to the art world. In my paintings, instead of a signature, there is an anagram of my first and last name, inverted in different directions, and visually forming the likeness of a diamond. A distinctive feature of my multi-layered style is my technique of "spraying" when you touch the canvas with an almost dry brush and with a minimal paint content.
- Viktoriya Esen [Antalya, Turkey]

I am a Canadian / British artist living in London, focused on capturing a moment in time in my oil paintings. With expressive brushstrokes and a pared-back style, my work is loose and rhythmical. My subjects are stripped back, created with the bare minimum of marks and color palette. I offer only a hint of a scene, giving viewers a window through which to escape and dream, and to ask 'what happens next?'

- Elise Mendelle [London, United Kingdom]

Italian Artist, I have been painting for the past 15 years in London where I lived until a few months ago. Inspired by whatever is around me, landscapes, music, movies, which turn into shapes.

-Matia Santini [Camerano, Italy]

Damola Ayegbayo is an Experienced Visual Artist with a demonstrated history of working in the arts and crafts industry. Skilled in Paintings and Drawings. Damola's work can be described as expressionistic.

- Damola Ayegbayo [Lagos, Nigeria]

"Wencke draws inspiration from human beauty and the female form. She creates her paintings employing découpage, acrylic, and oil paint and demonstrates mastery of graphic lines, unique patterns, and color theory. Wencke has a deep love of fashion that began at a young age. Her fashion-forward aesthetic shines alongside the deliberate and differentiated elements that define the vivacious and independent nature of her subjects." - @investinherart 
- Wencke Uhl [Bonn, Germany]

Masqali is born from the look of an Ethiopian girl who knew how to wake me up and made me react. She lent me her precious name so that I could make my way into the art world. My experience there made me understand and translate my feelings and artistic expression of what is in my soul. I managed to translate my feelings into what is now my art, an artistic expression of what is inside me.
- MASQALI [Sevilla, Spain]

Tom Sipas paintings can be compared to a balancing act between colour, shape and line, surface and space, abstraction, and object. The individual, coloured surfaces are applied to the canvas with strong brush strokes and expressive graphic marks, which are continuously worked over for developing new layers (aka new worlds). In Tom Sipas colour-intensive imagery world, the trick is not to get caught up in the final object, just keep and feel everything loose between layers of non-figurative space and play intuitively.
- Tom Sipas [Budapest, Hungary]

Martino Zanetti´s work takes place under the vast protecting wing of the Venetian painting, the land in which he was born and from which he drew all the stylistic features of his language. His large canvases have a strong emotional impact, which traces and reinterprets, without imitating, all the vast repertoires of the language of painting and contemporary abstraction, tracing a line that ideally links Matisseto Francis. In his works can be easily seen behind all his passion for music, together with the one for the Elizabethan theatre, which gives depth and substance also to daily emotions.
- Martino Zanetti [Susegana, Italy]

Alice’s vibrant and intriguing pieces capture the harmony of colour and character. Fascinated with female beauty, expression and creating alluring fusions of colour within her portraiture, she works predominantly with oil paints and occasionally spray paint. The narrative feel within her works is influenced by her degree in Illustration from Falmouth University. She is currently experiencing the fine art world first-hand as an art consultant in Oxford.
 - Alice Todd [Oxford, United Kingdom]

Originally from Israel went to study art in Italy in "IED- Instituto Europeo Di Design" and also in "Belle Art" in a course of drawing models. The next stop was Salvador, Bahia, Brazil inspired by the South American naïve art. After a few years there and a couple more in Tel Aviv, I made a far east turn to Beijing, China from 2008-2014. Since 2014, I worked and participated in multiple art exhibitions, mostly between Europe to Tel Aviv, working as a freelance illustrator
- Avy Wolfson [Tel Aviv, Israel]

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