Anton Hell

Anton Hell is initially a talented pianist. Then - like his father - a conscientious carpenter who makes the picture frames and picture stands himself with patience and accuracy.
With this craft, he already paints without a brush. He has seen a lot, he has hiked a lot.
The images, which he cannot even put into words, are in him and want to come out.

The picture is already there, it wants to arise, it needs to be brought alive. Music is always present. The first areas are set.

Everything is in motion, floating patches of color, almost chaotic, but with longing for an inner sound, an order that is open. Longing to cross borders endures the destruction of what has already been achieved. But the rhythm of the hand movements brush, the vibrating of the spatula keep everything going. Then suddenly a heavy blow against volatility, explosively. Colors rub against each other, shapes increase. Order is fought for.

A process has started. Different lengths. Sometimes the picture arranges itself. Sometimes it gets messy. Compaction is difficult. Order according to the inner sound has begun. And more and more often the painter and we are given a picture in a tense harmony. I urge you to allow yourself to receive those gifts.

- Anton Hell [Mödling, Austria]

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